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Perspectives through images, voices, including my own vary for a fusion or mosaic that moves between depth and foreground of the lens.

The Beautiful of Show

Home Design

In Train-Ing Part 2

Bacchus confuses his appointments and misses a beautiful event while standing up his guide, me . Someone get that God a cell phone.

Feeding stations,  an essential service for  perfect humans.  Seems a few other species share our enthusiasm… beyond the metaphor.  I hope you will embrace the many mammals and our feathered friends in the piece.

Appreciate the tribute to David Bowie embedded in the work, please. Current issues are part of the weave.  The main locations, for me the artist, are Ecuador and  Canada. The spill, embellishment or enhancement ( a type of ripple effect shown)  creates a motion into other parts of the globe.  Motion and still remains a thematic.


Draw Strings on Big Pants/Drinking Straws  Good care in a global world with one small Canadian on a search for those perfectly human moments in an imperfect world.  Conservation, Communication, Humor, Construction, Deconstructs, Shelter, Food, ,,,,,,Fun. Documentivity Centres on Guayaquil, Ecuador, Air Space, and London,Ontario,, (a glimmer of this)  Next. we will head over to the Pacific Coast. Prob. after i party a little in celebration of New Years and work on the final edits and drawings for the novel that is due to be released ,,, um end of Jan? Oh yes and i would like to strap on the Go Pro and go for a skate. 🙂

Time to celebrate, and feel the vibe,, generosity of spirit.. Don’t forget Jan, bills and things  have to be paid ,, in a NEW year.  Celebration spirit needs to last a little throughout the year.


The Rally 

June, 6, 2015

Fanshawe: Credible Conservation

Oct. 27 

October 25, 2015 … Closer to Hallowe’en,,,, includes the raging rant,  O, O, O, spooky.

Boo, Happy Halloween 

Good News 

Dig In This is the next part in the series on our relationship to food.  This documenivity takes you for a stroll through the Garden to see what is sprouting.  The location is mostly Ontario , Canada with a couple of  pictures from Indonesia but the “views”  from around the  globe marble the  piece.  Of course, you can see a little of me, the artist, there also but only as a shadow as  the work reaches further than the personal.  This may be a disappointment to some as it might be more connective to imagine that i am revealing a deeply personal story about the trials and successes of my life,,, sorry to disappoint you but i am not that interesting and yes, i have had challenges, like you.  I do still hope that you engage with the larger build over the personal story.mine, but nice to see also the other stories for a beautiful mosaic of human heart, mind and more.

If you think you see a paranormal element, as this is raw, please tell me as i would not recognize this even if i saw it.  I admit to this limitation in myself as the producer , director.  Oh, the Halloween pic is a collage ,,,, not raw so discount that one as it could be easily mistaken for  paranormal activity and does represent the suggestion of this element in our lives.   If food is related to the paranormal, i would be interested to hear about that as that seems to be the hole in the research. Maybe “the craving” is a psychic event  as well as biological in origin. Stretching.  Tea leaves has always been an aspect of reading,,,psychic genre.


Our relationship to the food we eat, grow and raise.

Extending the reach of perfect humans, as necessary, so that we may realize our goals, objectives in many environments. Featured here is a live event, wheelchair men’s basketball. I just finished watching the medal round of men’s wheelchair basketball on the HD TV as the live was the spark that initiated my choice to follow through.   Great to have the TV as i sometimes need to cut my emissions, save on transport and so the two mediums, TV with full commentary and the live add up to an incredible experience for me and hopefully you. The central means of transport through this work is the Wheel.  Circular motions abound, dot, wave around the stadium, the rims etc. that is the collective motions in the piece,,,ROTATION.. also essential to the varying stages of equi of day and night. Nice metaphor, of course, you will see the dark and lights understated in this piece as part of that tie to rotation theory. Elements circle through: Heritage, time, our relationship to adventure as a broad spectrum link to Wheels. You will also see elements of sport, soil, air(sound of wind), water (of course),  nature, matter etc….  As usual the art centres around the idea of blur, broken next to and transposed into the beautiful, perfect moments of clarity.. Varying velocities are also in the piece. Land and people , the many scapes of each.   I hope you find this a good adventure .


One of my personal fave adventures was the trip into the little village near Guayaquil.  Don’t you just love the kids reactions when we enter the scene. They are initially playing sport in an organized and constructive fashion.  They get so over excited as a lens had arrived and guest from a far away place  and then they all kind of look at me like oops even as i am speaking softly , quietly….All the games break or collapse with the excess of energy and the excitement and they have this perfect moment when they all realize they had got a bit wound up…This is when they all stop as i am saying aww, and shaking my head quietly  indicating that things are now not good,,,, broken,,,, modeling calm  , oh oh expressions are at the centre  and they respond back.  Some begin  to pull it back together(the little girl in purple)  as an adult sweeps in with an assist and the eldest, who has forgotten to lead, goes for a bit of mentoring from an older male figure.  SOOO cute!  So real and raw.If you are not recording like i was, you can actually play a little ball with them or join in skipping rope. 🙂 I like the way they used the things around them to make fun for themselves.  You really should go there and meet them for yourself but try to stay in the background. 🙂   The hikes, night canoes, food and village life is an amazing adventure as families host you for the meals and the head family(president)  offers you overnight  accommodation as well . The price is very reasonable. You may have seen some of my earlier footage of the Mangrove root monkey bar climb. Cool! Total immersion. WOW.

You will meet  young volunteers from other parts of the world that have come to join in, assisting the community. They also seek adventure that revolves around a community in a part of the world they have not yet seen. Wow, again , experience.   I left the link there for you so that you could find them easily.  There is a lot more to know. Keep the wheels turn’n.

A Perfect Human has Taste, A Good Sense.

Age: 50+ Gender: Female Relationship Status: Married but enjoy independence, long-term relationship with husband (an oddity, not the hubby, the relationship status)  Challenges:Height, maintaining confidence and appropriate energy levels in big city, determine the balance of B-ing  respectful but not restricted,  the fact that i am a  love [no , not dates or sex) centred   introvert rather than a regular, normal  introvert,  too easily Wowed due to the whole loving life thing, my number- only one, ideas/observations big and small and maybe in overabundance pushing out “boring details”, interest driven which may lead to more of a wonder than a direct route or the route that is most chosen or obvious, not very creative on my choice of transport as I would like to keep that routine for some semblance of comfort. Strengths: Lots and the fact that i am flawed as a perfect human.  Mood:Celebratory/Inquisitive . Climate: Festival Feel  Environment: Streetscape  Velocity: moderate  3km an hour approximately. I have had a tread upgrade so i might hit speeds of 3.5 kms.  Mission:Live, experience, interact with the streetscape,  document with creativity , Avoid potholes, garner mood, mingle with the crowd, engage in conversations about food , follow interest, share insights , B transported _TTC,  ask the odd stupid question but mostly avoid this, see how much stimulus an introvert is capable of managing before fleeing for the subway and heading home to tea and a good book. Time  and Location:  My  Dusk Desk , Toronto. Tools: Shells from a beach in Ecuador that function as notes about science initiatives for removing acid from the oceans, a shell with a smile drawn inside, a mix of  random and concrete ideas, a sense of humor , the senses. a light  sense of purpose, a dusting of courage, but come on, be real, i am only going to Toronto not headed for a lion safari or into a mafia maze….am i….. Sorry , thriller moment,  I also have my camera, two lenses, a book- theatre,Harold Pinter, disinfectant hand lotion, a few coins and bills,smart phone, a few important facts about sending humans to Mars over inviting them to a space station-Yikes in my opinion-,  A sharp appreciation for the letter K and O for vocabulary go tos should i encounter a conversation ghetto or rave  rendered quite spontaneously out of nowhere or due to a less than amiable interaction or confusion of understanding that is insurmountable despite employing   regular communication keys. Hope to duck out also or avoid as i honestly enjoy a great debate over a one-sided argument. Conclusions: So far so good. People of Toronto are friendly, Fun, accepting- but not blindly,  and smart.

Lettuce Dance. Enjoy!

Mash up and Mosaic. Have fun classifying the whole into these two design elements. Carry and Pass is a perfectly human attribute that is explored through the metaphor of the Pan Am torch relay. The entire work is set into neat packages of two and three under the shade and brilliant sun of the peoplescape interacting with environments (forest/river run) of an imperfect world..not meant as a negative but more as a real and different but the same as perfect humans  meaning we are slightly flawed and this is not wholly bad.

Hint: Past present future is a mashup. Mosaic in disciplines/services/writer/and one of the photographers and some of the  people images, others are collage or mashup.  more of a blend than a mash, light mash, maybe is the term. There are a lot more.  All of this is called documentivity where facts and communication strategies meet creativity.  Perfectly human really. I hope you enjoy this. Feel free to carry and pass in your own way and style  for good works in mash -ups and mosaic patterns  of your own. Carefully designed with the odd serendipitous moment. B nice .  i believe, thank you.

Mosaically speaking: A tribute to Canada Day

The Father figures:Does he give the right amount of weight to forgiveness, formulaic,fresh, the fight and or the fizzle over festering, flagging and feuding methodologies ? The Walk may take him along the weathered, horizontal stretch of a fallen tree. The Sturdy trunk of a downed tree makes a marvelous balance beam in dappled forest light . Fatherhood, this solid wooden beam or sky bridge interrupted by the odd stump, hollow or platform. He works with the grain, or crosses on suspended wooden slats that sway, swing under his weight… Mind your footing, Dad, as you attain the heights and return to ground level in this important , rewarding journey, Fatherhood. Love keeps it real. Mom (or other caregiver) may be there, too. Parenthood is never a possession/ territory but often a cooperative, a consistency of ideas and approaches, a pooling of strengths, a neighborhood and a shared joy.


ON Ga_mes =S.P.O.R.T   Selected Portals Opening into Residual/Rippling Thematic s



In the interim….here is Frenz. I hope you enjoy the transition.



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