The Combination:Unlocking

@Spiral    A short story, kinda-sorta, This was the fiction tale that was entered into the Commonwealth Short Story contest.  i lost in one direction but here is the back up plan and exit from the contest configuration. The literature, also, was an exploration across competitions and a comment on writing competitions in general as another written form,,, quiet add and not all negative.Many written forms are explored across the pages.

This is part 1 (the beginning)  and i have already given you part 2 (the end) Interesting order shift.  Part 2,, The Mess,  was  entered into the Short Story CBC contest  ilost. 🙂  I would say that defining these tales as short stories was probably quite troubling for the panel. Sorry.   Enjoy,, there is a lot there.. You may want to reread Part 2, afterwards, in the correct order, for a full understanding..You choose. Have fun. K?  Great that the character’s choice,,Sistem and Rappel, ended as it did in my humble opinion.  Orka -You sweet snookam you 🙂 .

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The Mess,, post title for a short story. Sci fi



The Road Map, A Poem





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