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Writing or art services offered here are meant for high school to any age of adult. Some services will cost,, but price is negotiable as I am pretty new in this and casual. Happy to teach a class in any or all of the disciplines seen here on the site.

i think you get an idea of the style and approach.   One to four students max. as my supplies would accommodate this number and this allows for greater  Creative expression, conversation, diversification in expression choice and experimentation.  I have an appreciation for  technique, knowledge, as in any discipline,  and this will be shared in class, next to, not excluding,  the idea of creative expression, creative risk in art without breaking the learned skill, or cracking the tools while also  finding new ones. This class could be on a Sat. Sun or weeknight.

If interest in this arises, I will  probably look for a rental spot to house the classes in a bookshop, library room etc. Length of time will be negotiated with students, as individuals, or if you  a group emerges,  we’ll see what the design of the class will be to accommodate that artistic expression, and set reasonable goals, yours not mine,  for how to finish at least one piece to a level that works. Budget and time would be set in the first meeting based on data provided by me.  I do hope to see some interest in the box. (inbox that is) and then I will build with the students. Most of the work is happily mine, i mean, supplies, finding the place for the class and resources… once and or if the interest arrives. Your completed creative vision is yours.WOW That is the fun part for all of us.

I have attended workshops in writing and my own experiences as a self published author blogger and long time artist, creative hubster comes to the table.

I have been a Montessori teacher for over 20 years as well as  teaching other teachers in India and here for a short stint. I have taught art in many venues, informally. Also many years of work in classrooms, hence the independent approach inside of the whole. The hands on   approach, exchange of ideas,  the admin, objective setting for the create piece,   skills learned and  applied to your design and completed project.

I have a degree in English from University of Toronto. I am mostly self-taught through books,resources, hands on  experience.  People, who have shared their skills in workshops, is the informal and casual teaching. I see, no problem. I just like to be honest, up front. I am working now to teach the older age group, new adult,  in a new  area of creative expression. Yes, this is new for me. 🙂

Note: Camera work would be much more loose and more create focused with very basic technical, just so you know, and the encouragement to be self-taught, independent study as a means to knowing more. I , myself am still learning, and personally, I tend to focus on the art over the technical in this aspect. All the other courses will have a more formal base depending on the interest of the people and if anyone decides they want to give this a try. Naturally,, this is for people near my GPS coordinates.


I am a recently retired teacher turned writer. I am also a mom, thankfully. I go by the term creative hubster.

The time continuance of past, present and future and the interplay of these measures on our world is of interest to me for defining us. Normal is not the question anymore,, but rather IDENTITY.  I also think that from the bottom up, admiring a sunset from your own backyard, and the top down, space exploration, the human dynamic,  to sustainable forests, pencil, pen, brush or notes we clearly have some work ahead. Sounds like the hamster wheel could become a Ferris. Hop on and explore the circle of life , mind the safety bar . Welcome to the Glitch Factory!

Special thanks go to my son, Grant, for his patience for sharing and applying his tech savvy skills to the site. I would have been somewhat lost without him and considerably slowed. Thanks to hubby also as we succeed in being complete in ourselves due to our shared connection.

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