Celebrate Peace in Many Places

Last night a group of us listened as Erika Simpson spoke of a culture of peace and the current modern conundrum of advanced weaponry. Not an us and them or war mongers vs hippies but rather a complex hope for solving conflict beyond the blast….a detriment to  the environment, our habitat  , now the collateral as well as direct death counts of people. Peace never seemed more important. To apply negotiation tactics  and global community pressure for de-escalate couple with proper use of raw materials, skills and science  beyond the nuclear armament initiative, seems so necessary.  Today we run sims of post nuclear states, we think dystopian but know that there is more for us.

Peace too has evolved, marks progress  and our ability to understand, come together, solve surfaces. We are no longer merely warriors. And so I present to you instances of music, chatras, meditation and nature settings to calm the beast as it were.. Recognize our innate ability to arrive at calm to avoid conflict through prescence of mind, will for connection   and compassion, deep.

Welcome to a place known as The Hive. Biz model intuitive and very timely.  Fostering the idea that peace starts with you and then ripples out to the next person and then the next…The hope .  Find you peace point and go ahead make it larger. Write a letter to yourself or someone you know and have it delivered by the staff here. A fellow peace lover and owner of Happy rock Holistics Balcony views following meditation and some time with Rachel McGarry, a Kirtan Artist and Yoga Teacher. an old publishing house refurbished into a coffee knook, authors’ room, Holistics centre and yoga plus plus.  Space is available for workshops and other endeavors. The leader of the meditation. Rachel uses guitar, and shruti (type of boxed air fed instrument like an accordion ) to lead us in Chants and song. She had a beautiful voice !!the Host of the event, Hive organizer. Let peace grow. 🙂

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