Community HOuse and Habitats.

this is a voice for global communities including other species, a past present and future ,,,the idea of living in common is sometimes difficult but most beautiful when we care , remain enlightened and strive for good.  Textures are included as well as mixed media…the idea of the magni glass does suggest invention ,,,but on a good scale.  tools and physical objects relate back to the dynamics of people,, the idea of story telling,, as part of civilization,, or the Community House.   Wood base is part of my own furniture collection ,, books abound and a musical instrument.  Of course the website is the computer or digital add to the whole vision. enjoy ,, thank you   copyrighted. and yes for sale, locally at my home studio. unpriced so far,,, I would accept a reasonable offer.. if you are in my neck of the woods. London , Ontario .the style is called expressionista, semirealism

My influencers during this piece was the news, my cat Lion and the


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